Peace of Mind For Your Business In Minutes with no hassle!

Our system is completely hassle free because we come to your premises to register your business & employees. We also input the employee data on the network for you. We guarantee that you don’t have to do a thing.

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    Register your company or call to speak to a customer information manager

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    Our customer information manager comes over to enrol your employees

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    Your company is protected & we start tracking employees via their work histories


Promotes a culture of accountability & motivates employees to give better customer service

When employees know that they will always be held responsible for their actions at work and in the future, their attitudes change. They start to situp and pay attention.

And as a reult your customers will benefit from this increased focus.

That's why if you register now with TrueHistory and you will also get free access to our TrueFeedback customer service software program.

TrueFeedback puts you in direct contact with your customers so that you can immediately find out what your customers are thinking. It works by giving your customers a way to chat directly with you to let you know as soon as they have had a postive or negative experience with an employee.

This allows you to be more proactive, so that you can immediately react to a customers feedback within minutes of them contacting you.

Call us now on 0909 944 0074 or register to have a customer information manager come in and explain it all to you.

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